Award Winning Tattoo Artists in Bristol, VA

Skull — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA
Get inked by our award winning tattoo artists at Sacred Ink in Bristol VA. All our artists are well versed in any style of tattooing. Our ability to establish a rapport with our clients and work with them on their design is matched with the most comfort we can provide during their session. Understanding a client's idea and combining it with the artistic ability of the Sacred Ink artist has proven to be an unparalleled encounter with superior results.

Our Tattoo Artists

Troy Hicks — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA

Troy Hicks

Troy has been in the tattoo industry since 1998 and opened Sacred Ink in 2001. Troy has 18 years of piercing experience and has been tattooing for 16 years. He is a devout Christian, husband and Harley Davidson enthusiast. Troy is a versatile artist and enjoys tattooing faith based art and scripture. Troy is involved in the Bridge of Hope Street Ministry which serves the basic needs of the homeless and less fortunate population in the Tri-Cities area.
Travis Delp — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA

Travis Delp

Travis lives in a pineapple under the sea and happens to be an award winning artist! Travis is an extremely versatile artist ranging from specialty in black and grey/color realism to new school and traditional. Travis is a devoted father and all around awesome guy. He has the ability to make his clients feel comfortable and not only provides an excellent tattoo but also a memorable experience.
Allen Wood — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA

Allen Wood

Allen has been tattooing since 2013. As an up and coming artist, Allen specializes in color work, lettering, anime and video game related tattoos. Normally, he rocks an amazing hair style that he perfected while he worked at Guilt Tattoo. Sometimes he does things and other times he does stuff. Allen is happy to tattoo some sweet images on you.
Jeremiah Thacker — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA

Jeremiah Thacker

As the newest member of the Sacred Ink family, Jeremiah comes to us with 11 years of tattooing experience. Jeremiah spent most of his career tattooing in Wise County, Virginia. Jeremiah specializes in American-Traditional style and geometric line designs but is a well-rounded artist who is capable of putting your ideas to skin. Jeremiah is a loving father and husband as well as a man of true Faith.
Pink Hicks — Tattoo Shop in Bristol, VA

Pink Hicks

Pink is the piercer at Sacred Ink & AKA "Shop Mom". Pink is happy to give you the professional piercing you want but is also able to listen, advise and provide encouragement to anyone who needs it. Pink is a motorcycle momma, devout Christian, and happens to be married to the most handsome man on earth. Pink is happy to participate in the Bridge of Hope Street Ministry which provides basic needs to the homeless/less fortunate in our area. Come see her for specials on piercings every first Tuesday of the month to help fund this amazing ministry.
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